burkey water filter set
Berkey- water filter bb9 upgrade replacements
Made in USA

BERKEY-WATER FILTER BB9-2 replacement set. compatible upgrade for black berkey purifier element. made in u.s.a.

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Berkey - water filter. BB9 - 2 set. compatible replacement upgrade for black Berkey. Will fit all gravity type filter systems. no priming or wedding procedures necessary. The gravity block is designed to provide high quality drinking water for pour through & gravity filters. this molded block technology is specifically designed in the U.S.A. Note these blocks are not extruded ! compression molded blocks  have even radius flow. reduce particulates and chemical compounds including chloramine chlorine lead heavy metals fluoride volatile organic compounds trihalomethanes THM's and VOCs Mercury chromium and more. this filter is designed specially for all gravity filters systems & requires no priming or pre-weting procedures Required. this filter reduces a wide variety of drinking water contaminants of both aesthetic and health concerns that dense poor structure and vast surface area is ideally suited for reducing chemical compounds 95% reduction of chloramines chlorine chromium lead and mercury heavy metals 97% reduction of fluoride 95% reduction of pharmaceutical compounds 95% reductions of VOCs volatile organic compounds 95% reduction of THM's. Set of 2 Filter life 5,000 gallons.