everpure replacement filter H104 EV 9612 – 11
EP- Coffee Ice & Tea Machine's. line scale control series. everpure Multi-Fit replacement filter cartridge. - water filter supply

EP- MULTI-FIT Coffee Ice & Tea Machine's. limescale control series. Everpure Replacement filter cartridge.

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EP - Multi-Fit Series Limescale Control Coffee Ice & Tea machine's. everpure filter replacement cartridge. high quality sub micron solid block coconut shell carbon  filter. no activation required quick and easy sanitary insulation reduces. the following chlorine and chloramine VOCs & THM's taste and odor lead heavy-metal sediment particulates as small as half micron in size. 2500 gallon capacity. Fits  h-300 EV 9612 – 16   EV 9612 – 11   H – 104 EV 9262 – 71  EV 9612 – 11