everpure i-2000 ev9612-22
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The Everpure i2000 2 Water Filter EV961227 original cartridge is used in commercial ice making to strain debris, dirt, and other contaminants from an ice machine’s water source to give the unit clean water for use in ice production. Enabling it to handle an extended duration of water filtering before requiring replacement, this cartridge has a 9,000-gallon capacity. It has a 0.5-micron rating.

Product Details Part of the i20002 line

  • 9,000-gal. filtering capacity
  • 0.5-micron rating
  • Flow rate: 1.67 GPM
  • Provides clean water for ice machines

The Manufacturer

i2000² Replacement water filter Cartridge, 9,000 gallon capacity, 1.67 gpm flow rate, 0.5-micron rating (2 each per pack)

Compatible Mfr. Model Number ev925924-75